Rules of Entry

1. Entrants under 18 on 12th August 2017 must have consenting signature of parent/guardian

2.Minimum age for entry to 13 and 25 mile races is 18 years

3. Entrants must be physically fit and experienced walkers/runners

4. Entrants pledge to raise sponsorship money in accordance with the purpose of the Challenge, for the benefit of the named charities

5. Equipment:  See Event Information.  Kit checks will take place and entry will be refused to those not adequately equipped

6. The Country Code must be observed

7. All checkpoints must be visited.    25 Mile Walkers Please Note –  Cut off time is 5pm at Kernsary.  This allows an approx time of 9 and a half hours to complete the whole route.  If you feel unable to complete in this time please consider entering one of the smaller events.  Anyone not at Kernsary by 5pm will be offered transport back to Poolewe or the option to continue at their own risk.  No responsibility can be taken by the organisers for entrants who decide to continue on their own.

8. Children under the age of 12yrs must be accompanied by a named adult who is entirely responsible for them.  No liability can be accepted by the GWC for their safety.

9. The organisers reserve the right to alter the rules, or change the route if they consider it necessary

10. The organisers’ decision is final in all matters relating to the Great Wilderness Challenge 2017