Midsummer Marathon Madness

Disappointed to hear that GWC 2021 couldn’t happen we decided to create our own challenge this year - to raise funds for both GWC and our own favourite charity Debra.
We have a friend, Isla, who has suffered for 13 years, since birth, with the devastating condition EB. This causes widespread painful blistering, requiring extensive bandaging , changed three times per week.  Despite all her problems, Isla is a  delightful, determined,  brave teenager. Debra, the charity, supports EB families,  and funds research into hopefully finding a cure for this cruel condition.


So, as a family, we hatched a plan to replicate aspects of GWC. Our core team - 4 McGraths - Mike, Sandra, Allan and Sarah,  plus Euan Broadwood (Allan’s brother-in-law) walked over 26 miles following the Pentland Way. Setting off early from Dunsyre we followed valleys and moorland,  before climbing up and along the Pentland skyline to the outskirts of Edinburgh.  Over the hill section we were joined by Karen Crook, Isla’s godmother - another GWC veteran. For the final 6 miles to our finish point, Edinburgh Castle, our team numbers doubled as Rhona McGrath, 11-year old twins Duncan and Isla, and 8-year old Kirsty,  along with Helen, Jessica (7 years) and George (5years) Broadwood joined us.

It was a long, hot day with temperatures well into the 20s, but spirits were high throughout. It was a very different  experience to GWC - no river crossings, no Bad Bog, no midges and no haggis soup!! But we were delighted to achieve our goal of raising towards £4000.  We thought a lot about Isla, knowing our aches, pains, and blisters were minor and short-lived, in comparison to her.


We all hope that GWC will return to normal next year - we’ll be back there enjoying the scenery, the camaraderie, and the food once more!


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