Defibrillator given to Dundonnell Community
05 October 2007

great wilderness challenge - defibrilatorOn behalf of The Great Wilderness Challenge, Mairi Mackenzie & Pat Ross recently donated a new Defibrillator for use when someone has had a Cardiac Arrest in the Dundonnell Area.

Local first responder and emergency medical technician, Dave Neville, said:

"living in Dundonnell is a fantastic experience, but unfortunately we have to realise that services that are taken for granted in cities and towns can’t happen as fast out here. To have any chance of survival, someone in Cardiac Arrest must be treated within minutes and the Ambulance Service strives for an 8 minute attendance at these events.

Given the distances involved this is impossible in the Dundonnell area and having a defibrillator with people trained to use it gives both locals and visitors a fighting chance of survival.’

He added: ‘The defibrillator we were given by the North British Hotels Trust about 8 years ago, is
now coming to the end of its useful life and we were unsure where we could turn for an up-to-date replacement. This Donation from The Great Wilderness Challenge is very much appreciated and we will now start a new training programme for this machine which is even easier to use than the old one.’                                              Photo: Colin Robertson

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